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Commissions are always open.

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1 / What you need to know

I pretty can do much any styles as long as I feel comfortable with and I will tell you upfront if I would love to take your commissions. You can see reference style on my Illustration page or my social medias.

If there is no category that you want is listed, please tell me in the contact form, I will tell you if I can do it or not.

2 / Illustrations

Hourly price: $25/hr.

Depends on the style, how many hours I would do and charge for it.

For reference purposes only, it may be different based on what you want me to do:

  • Portrait 2D: 4-5 hrs

  • Portrait Semi-Realistic 5-6hrs

  • 2D style: 6-7 hrs

  • Semi-Realistic style: 18-24hrs

  • Animated Illustration: >24hrs

  • 2D small GIF: 4-5hrs

3 / Twitch Package

Flat price for Twitch package:

  • Twitch Emotes: $15/emote

  • Sub Badge:

    • 1 base sub badge > different color for months: 5 sub badges = $40. Additional afterwards $5/sub badge

    • Progression sub badge (ex: a leaf > a tree): 5 sub badges = $60. Additional afterwards $10/sub badge

  • Banners: $20

  • Animated/GIF emotes: $25/emote

  • Pannels: $20/pannel

  • PNGTube: $25 (included mic, headset)​​

    • +$5 for extra object​

  • $15 for linework first draft for every 5 sub badges/5 emotes

  • Payment: Venmo and Paypal. But Paypal method will be added $15 on top of the total since Paypal takes fee transaction :)​

  • Clients: @itsrawkus @splatt_val @shadowBRG @xprtval @spinnymatcha @echoesofthedawn @natilae @v3nomtwitch @conceitedk1ller @phillipmycrevice

4 / Graphic Design

Hourly price: $50/hr

  • Logo: depends on the complexity of it.

  • Menu: ~2 hrs

    • Please provide a complete menu descriptions

    • A simple menu without illustration

    • A menu with illustration (check illustrations' price)

  • Website: depends on the complexity of it.

  • Banner/Signage: ~ 2-3 hrs

  • Branding package: please provide me the list of what you want to include

  • Book cover:

    • Simple 2D illustration: 2-3 hrs

    • Realistic 3D illustration: depends (~3-8 hrs)

    • Other type of illustrations: please provide references

    • With text typography: + $50 (commercial font fee)

  • Book interior typography:

    • Please provide a .doc, PDF, text file that can be copied

    • 100 pages: approx. 8 hrs​ = $400 ($4 - $5/page)

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